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We believe when investing, it is who you know, what you know and when you know it that will make a difference in your success or failure. We have created this connection to provide you with just this type of information. Information when learned becomes knowledge, knowledge when used with experience becomes wisdom, wisdom when used with timing becomes success, or at least gives you the greatest opportunity for success. Warning: No one can guarantee you success because no one can see or predict the future but many times there are insights right before our eyes if we are only open to them. Luck is where insight meets action.

"The sharing of ideas is mankind's greatest accomplishment, for it has made the expansion of knowledge possible." Carlos Royal, 1990, How To Rent For Less and Make a Fortune.

This site is about sharing information and connecting with others in real time because like we said: It is who you know, what you know and when you know it that counts. This website specializes on "hi" or House Investing because we believe House Investing is the best place to start. House Investing includes single family rental houses, duplexes, fourplexes and small apartment building.

This site is an exclusive site, that is members only but membership is FREE to join and easy to cancel. We believe information, knowledge and connections have value. If you agree please join us. Our membership is open to the general public and real estate agents.