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Carlos Royal
Retired Realtor, ® entrepreneur, author, lecturer and inventor.

Born in Oklahoma in 1943, his family migrated to sunny California in the late forties. Carlos attended Arvin High School with a major in mechanical arts. He was senior class president and graduated in1960. After graduation Carlos joined the US Navy for four years.

Mr. Royal received his real estate license in 1966 and he also bought his first investment house that same year. Since then he has bought, rehabbed and sold about 600 houses. He was also a real estate broker for 40 years. He spent most of his career doing, not talking, but today he takes time to blog about "hi" or house investing because he believe in it.

Austin Faure
Entrepreneur, media artist, live event broadcaster.

Born and raised in California, Austin at age 19 has already started three companies and is a student at Platt College a media art school in San Diego CA., where he maintain his place on the dean list. Austin is most known for his two documentaries, owl videos selling over 5,000 copies total in an effort to help pay for his college education. He also helped create one of the biggest online sensations of 2010… The Owl Box with over 21 million views.

Since a young kid Austin has always had a passion to do anything that requires a creative flair. At the age of 8 one of his paintings won First Place at the county fair and was placed on the front cover of Agricultural Magazine. He likes art, BMX Cycling and doing live broadcasting.

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